Does glass pool fencing meet Australian standards for safety and council requirements?

Glass pool fencing supplied by Aqua Glass Pool Fencing either meets or exceeds Australian standards.

Are the glass fence panels strong?

Our glass panels are 12mm thick and made from toughened glass. It is highly unlikely to break unless handled poorly.

Is the gate secure for children?

Our auto latching gates meet Australian standards for safety, protecting children from entering your pool area unsupervised.

Who installs the pool fencing?

Whist Aqua Glass Pool Fencing can supply to the competent DIY’er, it is recommended you use our professional installation service.

Does glass pool fencing require maintenace?

Glass pool fencing is very low maintenance and only requires cleaning occasionally to maintain it’s clear appearance. Our stainless steel spigots also only require the occasional clean to keep shiny.

Is glass pool fencing expensive?

Glass pool fencing can be more expensive that say a timber fence. The cost can often be recouped by the lack of maintenance required and the increase in value the fence makes to your property value.